OSSmosis Administrator Portal

Call center managers require complete control over agent productivity. The award-winning OSSmosis Administrator Portal allows administrators point-and-click configuration and real-time changes. OSSmosis enables call center managers to be nimble and self-sufficient by providing the ability to make changes to call center routing, hours of operation, greeting messages and more, as needed without having to contact the IT department. No programming language knowledge is needed; changes are made simply with just the click of a mouse. Extensive training options, quick reference guides, and quick-tip videos will make this even easier. If you get stuck, simply call our 24×7 Support team who can guide you through the steps required.

ACD Features & Skills Based Routing

All the features you need to run a world-class call center delivered to you in 3 straight-forward packages to meet your business requirements. Select the appropriate package you need based upon the features that deliver the right value.

Basic Call Center

For those organizations with “basic” needs to support simple queueing for a better caller experience. This package is ideal for a “receptionist” function that needs to queue calls in a more sophisticated manner without the typical “agent” or “supervisor” requirements.

Call Center Fundamentals (Standard)

This is the starting point for many call centers or those organizations moving to call center technology for the first time. This package includes all the fundamental tools for building a call center from agent ACD state control to Supervisor ad-hoc and scheduled reports to complete administrative control over the caller’s experience including tools like estimated wait time and automatic disaster recovery routing. Customers can have an unlimited number of call center queues with up to 50 calls waiting in each queue.

ACD Routing Policies Greetings and Announcements
Hunt Algorithms – Uniform, Circular, Regular, Simultaneous, Weighted Customizable Greetings/Messages
Escape out of Queue option Entrance (including Mandatory playback option)
Distinctive Ringing – Ability to have a specific ring per queue Comfort Message
Overflow Treatment – Based on Queue Size and/or Wait Time Music on Hold
Bounced Treatment – When an available Agent doesn’t answer Chained Greetings/Messages/Music on Hold – Up to 4
Stranded Treatment – When no Agents are signed in Estimated Wait Time or Position In Queue

Advanced Call Center Fundamentals (Premium)

For those organizations that need access to the full set of capabilities including tracking agent unavailability by reason codes, skills-based routing, the ability to support different marketing campaigns or customer types with agent “whispers” and Supervisor silent monitoring. This package offers the highest level of features and customers can have an unlimited number of queues each holding 525 calls. This is the most common package selected by Evolve IP’s customers since it offers the most business value.

Advanced ACD Routing Policies
Skills-Based Routing – Routing calls to agents based on their skill level
Priority Queuing – Based on precedence or longest wait time
Night Service – Business and after hours call treatment
Holiday Service – Calendar based call treatment
Forced Forwarding – Alternate routing for new incoming calls
Preserve wait time after forwarding
DNIS based priority settings and routing policies
Outbound Dialing by Queue – Agent selects Caller ID
Forced Agent Unavailable – Triggered by bounced calls
DNIS Routing – Ability to have multiple DNISs pointed to a single queue
Comfort Message Bypass
Queue Announcement via Agent whisper
DNIS based Greetings and Announcements
Auto-answer incoming calls
Automatically set post call agent ACD state
Unavailable Codes (Client required)
Queue notification (Web Client)

Queue Callback

Improve metrics. Reduce costs. Value customer time.

Queue Callback enables you to optimize your customer experience by offering callers the ability to request a callback based on your call center conditions. When your call center is in jeopardy, the Queue Callback jumps in to wow your customer by calling them back when an agent is available.

Why Queue Callback?

This application improves customer satisfaction by providing an alternative to waiting on hold for an agent to become available. This convenience provides a better overall customer experience for your organization that is valued across all industries. Liberate your caller from waiting in queue and allow them to opt-in to receive a call back from an available agent.

How does it Work?

After the Evolve IP hosted PBX platform identifies a call that is not going to meet your customer experience goals, Queue Callback will present the option for the caller to opt for a callback when the next agent becomes available. The platform confirms the caller’s telephone number or prompts the caller to enter the number using the keypad on their phone. The caller then hangs up and a placeholder maintains the call in queue. Once the placeholder call reaches an agent, the system will place an outbound call to the customer so a live agent is on the line when your customer answers their phone.

Call Center Callback Flow


Benefits for your call center:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by being considerate of your caller’s time and offer them a choice to receive a call back from an agent.
  • Reduce abandoned calls.
  • Reduce inbound toll charges since the caller is not waiting in queue.
  • Handle spikes in call volume by utilizing technology instead of adding more agents.

Benefits for your customer:

  • Your customers’ valuable time isn’t spent waiting in queue for an agent.
  • Your customer can continue with their activities while the system preserves their position in the call queue.

How Much Can Your Business Save With Queue Callback?

Our Queue Callback calculator will provide you with a savings and ROI estimate based on a variety of factors including: call volume, wait & talk times and cost per call. Please feel free to give it a try!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Evolve IP’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) reduces cost per call while dramatically increasing productivity and improving customer service benchmarks. Simple to design and even easier for customers to use, the Evolve IP IVR solution can be delivered with packaged applications or through easily customized pre-built scripts that deliver the exact call flows and features that you need.

Your call center needs to strike a tricky balance. On one side you must pro­vide excellent customer service to drive more revenue and retain current customers. On the other, you must ensure your team is servicing as many customers as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Evolve IP’s IVR service provides call centers with a higher level of custom­er interactivity and data driven decision making. Its advanced capabilities enable call centers to deploy a wide range of self-service and outbound dialing features; ultimately freeing up your agents to focus on more com­plex requests and customers requiring a higher touch.

Evolve IP’s IVR service can easily be deployed for common IVR solutions but retains the flexibility to be customized for your exact needs. Here are just a few of the common applications used by IVR customers:

  • Post Call Survey : provide inbound or outbound call surveys to understand the satisfaction of your customers once their call or business transaction is
  • Appointment Reminder/Notify : deliver an automated outbound call trig gered update in a customer record (e.g. transaction status change or up coming appointments).
  • Speech Auto Attendant : offer a speech “receptionist” to route callers to the proper team or
  • Data Driven Routing: deliver prioritized calls to the proper destination based upon the customer’s transaction status or account

Evolve IP’s major IVR features include:

  • Speech and Text Options: provides Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Text to Speech (TTS) capabilities that allow callers to get help when they need it, without having to sift through complex or frustrating call
  • Robust Reporting: allows managers to better understand the caller’s experience and the success of the voice automation. Summary reporting provides clear visibility into the application’s performance while capturing each caller’s unique experience to empower the call center with
  • CRM and Database Connectivity: integrate call flows easily with your database or CRM system. Upload customer data for customer and account “lookups” or engage real-time integration from the IVR with web-enabled business
  • Self-Service Applications: create caller scripts that allow users to check the status oftheir account or transaction 24 x 7 through speech or touch-tone interactions. Authenticate and identify callers to provide personalized service.
  • Visual Design Studio: build complex and powerful call flows with unlimited power using a visual, intuitive call flow design

Evolve IP’s IVR benefits:

Evolve IP’s IVR service is always managed and supported by Evolve IP, regardless of who delivers the connections to your office. This ensures your business can access its critical cloud-based resources whenever they’re needed.

  • Lower Cost per Call: automates common inbound and outbound transactions and processes to reduce agent call volume and
  • Drive Agent Productivity: leverages data driven routing and CRM integration to ensure the right agents are focused on just the right calls and
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: provides customers with an efficient and easy way to quickly get the answer they need. Ensures the right customers receive the right kind of attention.
  • Pre- integrated: simplifies deployment by seamlessly joining with the Evolve IP phone system and hosted call center. Allows customers to avoid complex integration projects and hidden costs.
  • Pre-built Templates: includes essential templates providing for the rapid creation of call
  • Built-in Disaster Recovery and Continuity Features: leverages Evolve IP’s award­ winning, redundant cloud platform to ensure your IVR application keeps running regardless of what happens at your physical location.
  • Control: accessed via an easy to use web interface, providing point and click control to customer IVR “scripts”.
  • Flexible plans and options: provides customers with usage based plans, or monthly per port plans that meet budgetary and business