Contact centers are always trying to improve customer experience while also looking for ways to streamline processes to make their agents’ work more efficient and enjoyable. When your business selects a Contact Center solution, you gain call control functionality. Optimize handling efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction with this simple communications tool.

What is Call Control

With Call Control from Evolve IP, your contact center agents can take several actions via software applications on their desktop computer or mobile device. They can streamline call handling with the ability to dial, answer, hold, blind or warm transfer, conference, and more — all from their call center software. Call control is an intuitive, easy-to-use feature that helps process calls reliably, securely, and efficiently.

Call Control Advantages

Call control improves communications in your Contact Center:

  • Increase productivity by providing real-time information and quick access to action steps in an easy-to-use software
  • Provide a better experience for your customers by reducing call handling time
  • Deliver reliable, efficient tools to your employees while possibly eliminating the need for agents to use desk phones
  • Keep up with the pace of calls managing handoffs seamlessly without the caller even noticing
  • Facilitate easy conference calls or transfer to the right party to offer optimal customer experience
  • View possible call control actions alongside contextual information on the same screen about the customer or the product/service offering.

Call Control with Evolve IP

Empower your employees and promote customer satisfaction with Evolve IP’s advanced call control features. Learn more today!