Agent Call Handling

Enterprise features that maximize agent efficiency

Agent Voice Automation lets businesses automate repetitive disclosures or notifications and frees up agents to focus on better customer experiences.

Call Control streamlines contact center experiences and provides intuitive, easy-to-use features to reduce call handling time & improve efficiency.

Click-to-call functionality, of a contact center as a service solution, can improve employee efficiency and improve calling accuracy.

Easily manage the global demands of your business and its customers with cost-effective, consistent international calling plans.

Pricing local and long-distance calls the same makes things easier. All in-country calls that you place are included for free with your Evolve IP account.

An Anywhere phone, communicating with your mobile or landline, means no worrying about being away from your desk or office. Take calls anywhere, seamlessly.

Deliver best-in-class communication tools to your knowledge workers, managers or executives with a PBX handset anchoring your business phone system.

Softphones provide flexibility as they can be operated without a handset or dedicated phone line. Place and receive calls from anywhere with software-based phones.

Contact Center Agent Interaction Tools

Build lasting relationships. Create an incredible customer experience.

Drive organizational efficiency with custom agent states enabling you to better supervise, coach agents. Learn more with real-time and historical reporting.

With easy access to customer contact history across all channels, your contact center agents can provide the best possible customer experience.

A floating toolbar feature on the contact center phone system lets agents optimize screen real estate and have anytime access to vital information.

Enhance customer experience with agents providing interaction and contact notes for each customer contact. Facilitate collaboration and communication too.

Save time and reduce wasted effort with presence and internal messaging by easily connecting and cutting down on hold time and hang-ups.

Business is built on customer relationships. With access to internal CRM and contacts at their fingertips, contact center agents can better communicate, improve business efficiency & drive customer satisfaction.

Our comprehensive suite of contact center applications will allow your agents and supervisors to enhance call productivity and tackle their most challenging interactions.

With real-time monitors each contact center agent gains visibility into the call queue and individual metrics. A great way to tap intrinsic motivation.

Don’t keep callers waiting on hold if they don’t want to. With scheduled callbacks, you can improve customer satisfaction by reaching out when it’s convenient for the caller.

Give your agents the information they need right on their screens with the useful screen pop feature for contact center communications. Learn the benefits.

Standard Response Templates streamline processes, save time, and help ensure consistency and compliance.

Ensure quality management, compliance certainty, and liability protection with always on, always available, total and on-demand call recording. Reliability matters.

With automated easy-to-use dialer tools, your agents can increase outbound call volume, generate greater sales and enjoy a more satisfied customer base.

Increase outbound connect rates by providing contact center agents with outbound caller ID from the recipient’s local area code.

Contact Center Management Tools

Easily manage, monitor and empower your agent performance with our Gartner-recognized contact center

Don’t lose your customers’ goodwill with long wait times. If they abandon a call without speaking to an agent, use Abandoned Call Management to improve their satisfaction.

Always-on or on-demand call or screen recording helps ensure quality manage-ment and can help with coaching, compliance certainty, and liability protection.

Improve call center outcomes with easy-to-use post-call surveys sent to customers. The data gained can drive employee training, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Empower your business users to make data-driven decisions with advanced reporting capabilities. Flexible options include pre-built, ad-hoc and custom reporting.

Instantly participate in any agent’s interaction with the Evolve IP’s Supervisor Barge feature. Improve contact center outcomes with this easy-to-use feature.

Evolve IP’s Supervisor Coach feature makes it easier for call center leaders to efficiently provide real-time feedback to agents during customer interactions.

Provide contact center leaders the ability to keep track of real-time agent and queue metrics from their screens with Evolve IP’s supervisor dashboard feature.

A certain number of your customer contacts will need supervisory attention. Manage, resolve, and track issues easier with a Supervisor Escalation Queue.

Leverage real-time reports to focus on metrics that matter most to your business.

Queues & Routing

Get access to the right tools to make vital decisions about your call flow and enhance business efficiency by automatically routing all of your calls to the best skilled agent on your team

Make processes more efficient using a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution to tailor agent calling groups to best suit your business needs.

Easily store and upload regularly used, holiday, or important announcements, with an announcement repository for use across the entire platform.

Block unwanted calls and manage harassing robocalls annoying your employees by monitoring and managing call controls with Evolve IP’s software solution.

Deliver appropriate customer experiences based upon organization working hours, without sacrificing customer satisfaction – with Contact Center as a Service.

You can get your calls where they need to be with the demand filters feature helping to ensure that each customer interaction is answered efficiently and effectively.

Your callers want answers when they need them. Your business can easily establish predefined call flows that support your organization’s holiday calendar.

Evolve IP’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) reduces cost per call while dramatically increasing productivity and improving customer service by getting every caller directed to the right agent efficiently.

Continue building relationships with our last agent routing feature that sends customers to the same person they worked with last time. It’s a personal touch that matters.

Ask for efficiency from employees while also recognizing that every agent has a maximum load. Customize load allowances to each individual’s skills, expertise.

Real-time alerts enable managers and supervisors to improve processes and stay on target. Learn how this feature nets efficient operations and happier customers.

Easily configure a single set of business rules and routing regardless of the customer’s interaction channel to ensure excellent customer experiences.

With Evolve IP’s skills-based routing, avoid transferring callers to the wrong agents by ensuring they are paired with an agent experienced in their unique issue.

Evolve IP’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution supports Unlimited Queue Capacity. Learn the benefits of this customer-experience enhancing feature.

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