Enhance customer experience with immediate access to critical information

Contact Centers need information at their fingertips to make vital decisions about queuing, overflows and call routing. Leadership needs to determine when breaks and lunches should be scheduled or to instantly know the status of all queues, interactions and the whereabouts of every agent. Agents need access to customer information all in one place to save time & improve customer experience.

Evolve IP’s contact center offers multiple customizable tools for agents, managers, supervisors, and every member of the team to access the functionality they need to offer world-class customer service. Our comprehensive suite of web based contact center applications will allow your agents and supervisors to enhance call productivity and tackle their most challenging interactions with ease and simplicity.

Web Agent

Evolve IP’s Web Agent is an easy to use application designed specifically to meet the needs of contact center agents. It provides agents the features and functionalities required to be efficient and productive in an omnichannel contact center.

This browser based application enhances agent productivity since agents just need to log in to one tool. Agents can manage their availability or breaks or ACD status from one place. They don’t have to switch over to Outlook for emails or a different monitor for web chat. All interactions are available in this one tool.

This tool saves time, provides immediate access to critical information, simplifies IT, simplifies communication and improves workgroup collaboration


  • Support Omnichannel Communication and allow your customers to contact you using their preferred channel including phone, email, SMS, web callback, web chat, social media or fax
  • Improves agent experience
  • Immediate access too critical information
  • Simplifies IT
  • Ability to handle all interaction types from a single application including inbound ACD calls, outbound dialer campaign calls, emails, web chat, etc.
  • Better decision making, increased visibility & call handling efficiency
  • Real-time access to agent and queue metrics
  • Saves time
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

Supervisor Client

Evolve IP’s Supervisor Client provides powerful tools and insights to help contact center leaders improve contact center performance & make business-critical decisions. Our supervisor client allows contact center leaders to actively manage their agents, queues, outbound campaigns, and callbacks. This tool provides contact center leaders with real-time control and visibility of agents and other business processes.

We provide the flexibility to create customized dashboards and reports that help supervisors enhance their agent’s efficiency and improve customer experience. Evolve IP’s Supervisor Client offers advanced management features such as:

  • Whisper coaching and live call listening
  • Manage callbacks for escalated or abandoned interactions
  • Create, monitor, and manage outbound call campaigns
  • Monitor and change agent’s ACD state
  • Activate / deactivate call recording for supervised agents
  • Temporarily move agents in or out of queues


  • Enhance business efficiency with access to real-time view of the contact center & individual agent and queue performance
  • Save time & improve business effectiveness with hands on tools to monitor agent’s performance, manage waiting and abandoned calls, and make staffing decisions based on real time KPIs
  • Identify and address operational improvements and best practices based on the built-in reporting and analytics
  • Improve customer satisfaction by handling and assigning abandoned calls to agents to ensure a customer call back
  • Assess your agents interactions by utilizing silent monitor, barge, coaching and providing feedback on call recordings
  • Flexibility to Work from Anywhere