Call Recording provides your organization with an ‘always on – always available’ service that helps ensure quality management, compliance certainty and liability protection. Hosted in our private cloud you’ll gain greater reliability, security and back-up without the risks of onsite server failure and related hardware issues.

Executives are demanding quality management KPIs and ongoing improvements, compliance requirements are driving new levels of accountability and, with an ever litigious society, organizations must rely on a well-documented, process driven-customer interaction strategy.

Cloud-based Call Recording from Evolve IP enables call center leaders and business managers to successfully navigate these ever evolving changes.

Using Evolve IP’s Cloud Call Recording, customers can maintain their HIPAA compliance*

Liability Protection With the ability to quickly and easily access 100% of your organization’s calls, the game of ‘he said-she said’ no longer can be played.
Compliance Certainty Evolve IP has undergone the industry’s most rigorous compliance audits, and utilizes encrypted disk, to ensure you meet HIPAA and related compliance requirements.
Quality Management Dramatically improve your agents’ performance and increase your customer satisfaction scores to drive top and bottom-line improvements.

Evolve IP’s Cloud Call Recording Platform is designed to deliver all of the features needed to support a world-class call center including:

  • Web-based portal access
  • Network and multi-leg recording capabilities
  • Quality management scorecards
  • Customizable directories, user and supervisor groups
  • Near to real-time delivery

Call Recording Benefits (Management and Agents)

Call center managers and their agents will see immediate improvements in their operations with deeper insights into call center operations. With a rich feature set, an easily customizable reporting portal and links to quality management, both your agent and customer satisfaction will improve.

  • Broad Range of Features: Gain access to indexed recordings, live monitoring, tagging and reporting features regardless of budgetary restraints.
  • Flexible Setup Options: Multiple delivery models and portal views provide access to only recordings you want to see.
  • Centralized Management: Manage group assignments and monitor calls, regardless of agent location.
  • Accessibility: Search, retrieve, and playback recorded calls from our award-winning portal based upon criteria such as the agent, duration, the calling party, the date/ time, etc.
  • Control: Provide supervisors with unmatched control over agent and user quality and allow administrators point-and-click configuration through our award winning OSSmosis Portal.

Call Recording Benefits (Executives)

In addition to the desire to increase customer satisfaction, executives are increasingly concerned with how call center operations can drive bottom and top-line improvements. Evolve IP’s cloud call recording solves for these desires with better economics, reliability and more.

  • Lower TCO:Eliminate Capex for new hardware and software and provide a seamless end user experience.
  • Increase Efficiency:Access call recordings from any location without specialized software required.
  • Flexible:Multiple deployment methods are available to meet business and budgetary requirements.
  • Scalable:Increase and decrease costs based on seasonality, unexpected peaks, and growth.
  • Disaster Recovery:Recordings are available even if your location isn’t.
  • Secure:Take advantage of a private and secure cloud-based offering from a SOC 3 certified organization.

Call Recording Features

Feature Basic Standard Premium
Delivery Method FTP or Email Cloud: Portal View Portal and FTP
Network Based Call Recording
Multi-Leg Recording
On Demand Recording
Pause/Resume Capabilities
Call Recording Announcements and Notifications
Simple Format and Customizable Directory Structure
Near Time Delivery to Customer Premise
Real Time Delivery to Web Portal
Accessible via OSSMosis
Standard 30 Days Storage
Permission Based Portal Views
Near Time Portal View of Recording
Customizable User and Supervisor Groups
Multiple Filtering and Export Options
Detail, Summary and Audit Report Options
Call Tagging for Reference and Searching
Add-On Options for Additional Storage

Download Our Ultimate Guide to Call Center Metrics that Matter Most

Anyone working in a call center knows how critical metrics are to a successful organization. However, many companies don’t know how to determine which metrics they need to focus on. Evolve IP has created this guide to help call center professionals identify where to focus to maximize the value of their data.

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Quality Management

Evolve IP’s Quality Management (QM) uses custom score cards linked to call recordings, to formally track and measure the caller and agent experience on each interaction. Through a program of consistently assessing calls, your organization can dramatically improve your agent performance and increase caller satisfaction. The QM features provides a more rigorous methodology for formally scoring agents on their interactions. While listening to a call, Supervisors can select the appropriate evaluation form and “score” that call based upon the traits that are important to your organization. Scorecards allow you to generate quantitative scoring to help drive agent performance improvements.

Download Our Quality Management Data Sheet

Your immediate business results and long-term brand health hinge on every customer interaction and nothing is more important to these elements than your contact center. With every interaction your agents become the ‘face’ of the organization and either build up or tear down your business.

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Screen Capture

Expand your Quality Management activities with screen capture. Capture your agent’s screens for simultaneous playback with the caller’s interaction for complete visibility of that entire customer experience and agent behavioral characteristics. By capturing a random percentage of your agent’s screens, you will be able to coach them on system utilization and the best ways to navigate the caller to a satisfied conclusion. For those back-office staff that don’t answer inbound customer calls, record their screens based upon a time schedule so they can benefit from coaching to improve their system performance.

Download Our Synchronized Screen Capture Data Sheet

Evolve IP’s screen capture with synchronized voice recording provides call center managers with the tools to easily and efficiently train and coach agents, assess the impact of process and procedure changes as well as provide confidence around compliance for industry standards, regulations and laws.

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