A hypervisor-based replication product


DRaaS ZT (Zerto) is a hypervisor-based replication product allowing customers flexibility and complete control over virtual machine replication, failover testing, failover and failback. Unlike traditional array-based replication and BC/DR solutions, DRaaS ZT is software only integrated in the VMware Hypervisor. It uses continuous replication and does not utilize snapshots, which can negatively impact your production environment.

  • Used between Evolve IP Availability Zones or between the customer’s VMware Hypervisor and the Evolve IP Cloud.
  • Employs the hypervisor for disaster recovery, enabling “virtual-aware” protection of mission-critical applications.
  • Allows customers control over their DR process through a flexible, self-service portal.
  • Is software-only and hardware-agnostic allowing customers to replicate from any type of storage to any type of storage.
  • Fully automates the entire failover and failback process, including creation of all VMs, reconfiguring IP addresses and executing custom scripts.

There are two editions of DRaaS ZT available:

  • The Standard Edition provides 24 hour RTO and near real time RPO.
  • The Premium Edition provides 4 hour RTO, near real time RPO, and requires a 25% reservation fee for recovery resources in an Evolve IP availability zone.

Zerto Hypervisor-Based Data Replication

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Introducing Hypervisor-based Replication. Zerto offers a virtual-aware, software-only, tier-one, enterprise-class replication solution purpose-built for virtual environments. By moving replication up the stack from the storage layer into the hypervisor, Zerto created the first and only replication solution that delivers enterprise-class, virtual replication and BC/DR capabilities for the data center and the cloud.