The Evolve IP vServer solution is a Virtual Private Cloud Computing Service that enables our customers to leverage the resources at Evolve IP’s world-class data centers to host their servers and applications. VPS hosting services are provided on a virtualized server basis with scalable access to computing power (processor, memory and disk resources).

Like most commercially available “cloud” services, vCloud provides scalability and built-in failover of virtualized servers. Unlike these offerings, vCloud delivers the privacy and security that is generally only available on dedicated or on-premise server environments.

And since vServers are provided out of Evolve IP’s private cloud, customers on the Evolved Network can access their vServers over private connectivity as if the servers were still sitting their own data center.


  • Virtual Private Cloud Server on Evolve IP’s Enterprise-class Cluster
  • Best-in-Class virtualization technology from VMware
  • True Customer Isolation with Private VLAN
  • High Availability – Server Failover Built-in
  • Private Security – True Stateful-inspection Firewall
  • Full Administrative Control
  • Multiple Operating System Options
  • Built-in Server Applications
  • Secure Connectivity with other Evolve IP Products (Evolved Office Phone System, Evolved Office Desktop)


  • Simplicity: Replace multiple on-site servers, support, upgrades and backup with a simple “cloudsourced” service.
  • Economics: Reduce the total cost of desktop ownership of servers and applications through remote troubleshooting, ease of deployment, and elimination of maintenance and capital purchases.
  • Productivity: Users can gain access to servers from any location, while administrators can support and deploy from a centralized location.
  • Stability: Services from Evolve IP are delivered from diverse technology centers over multiple carriers ensuring that services are available regardless of conditions at your location.
  • Scalability: Meet new requirements by adding additional resources to “virtual servers” upgrading expensive equipment.
  • Performance: Apply computing power to servers “virtually” to improve application performance and enjoy access to limitless bandwidth.
  • Control: Enjoy unmatched control and point-and-click configuration over all services through our award-winning vCloud Director Portal.
  • Security: Physical and Virtual security are no longer your issue. True customer isolation enables you leverage the power of the cloud without the risk.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is vServer?

A: The Evolved Data Center: vServer is a virtual private cloud (VPC) server that leverages the scalability and failover of public cloud services with the privacy and security of dedicated hosting environments.

Q: What are the benefits of vServer?

A: Evolve IP’s vServer benefits organizations looking to:

  • Reduce and eliminate capital expenditure
  • Replace aging server infrastructure
  • Take advantage of Evolve IP’s SOC I, II and III security and operational processes
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Improve availability of systems
  • Reduce reliance on office buildings and public utilities
  • Minimize hardware maintenance upgrades and issues

Q: What is a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?

A: Most mid-sized organizations do not have a full time software development team or an unlimited IT budget to meet their growing and changing technology demands. The attraction of the “Public” cloud is infinite scalability and cost advantages, but the risk is greater complexity, technology lock-in, security, and a revolutionary approach to computing. “Private” Cloud, on the other hand, delivers security and isolation, but it comes with a hefty price tag, scaling challenges, and limited redundancy.
The Evolve IP “Virtual Private Cloud” leverages the strengths of both computing models and eliminates all of the weaknesses. By combining the scalability and failover of public cloud services with the privacy and security of dedicated cloud environments, the Evolve IP Virtual Private Cloud allows organizations to economically host business applications while meeting the technology, security, and high-availability demands of the enterprise

Q: What operating systems are supported on The Evolved Data Center: vServer?

A: Evolve IP utilizes best-of-breed cloud architecture powered by VMWare which supports all popular server operating systems from Microsoft, Redhat, open-source Linux variants, and more.

Q: What options are available to back up my server data?

A: The Evolved Data Center: vServer supports a variety of different back-up and protection strategies. The most common election is to utilize Evolve IP’s geo-diverse managed back-up service Reflection DBR. For implementations that have basic protection needs and longer Recovery Time Objective windows; any agent-based 3rd party back-up solution can be employed leveraging a 3rd party cloud service or redeployment of on-premise hardware.

Q: What options are available to restore my data on the Evolve IP Reflection DBR solution?

A: Evolve IP Reflection DBR supports both File-Level protection and System State protection.

Q: What kind of applications can I run on my vServer?

A: Any application that can be run on a Virtual Machine is compatible with the Evolve IP Virtual Private Cloud. This includes applications running on a MicrosoftServer base, Red Hat, open-source Linux variants, databases, Point-of-Sale applications, industry specific line-of-business applications and more. Refer to the software application vendors for specific virtualization compatibility.

Q: Can applications that have been virtualized on another hypervisor (Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen, etc.) be imported to the Evolve IP cloud?

A: Yes! Regardless of the current virtualization technology the VMWare vSphere powered Virtual Private Cloud can support hosting the application. To complete the migration, it will require a V2V (Virtual-to-Virtual) format conversion of the virtual machine images. This can be performed by a variety of 3rd party tools or via Evolve IP Professional Services.

Q: How is my Virtual Private Cloud environment separated from other EIP customers?

A: Your environment is logically separated on the network and secured through the use of private and dedicated VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks). Virtual switches are also employed natively within VMWare to provide complete isolation for traffic between virtual machines.Each customer is provisioned a dedicated virtual firewall with stateful inspection that supports customized security policies for granular traffic restriction. Evolve IP thick provisions storage and presents dedicated Logical Unit Numbers (LUN) to each Virtual Machine instance isolating customer data stores to only their virtual machine instance.

Q: How do I connect to my vServer?

A: Connectivity is supported over the public Internet through IPSec VPN or Evolve IP provided dedicated private network (T1, MPLS, etc.). Evolve IP also supports 3rd party network connectivity via Evolved Connect, which allows you to bring your network to Evolve IP’s cloud over a variety of pre-approved carriers and connect to your Virtual Private Cloud via NNI, Single-Mode GB cross-connect, NxT1, or DS3.

Q: How do I manage my vServer?

A: Evolve IP’s VMware® vCloud Director® orchestrates the provisioning of software-defined datacenter services to deliver complete virtual datacenters for easy consumption in minutes. Virtual datacenters provide virtualized compute, networking, storage, and security so that administrators can provision the complete set of services necessary to make workloads operational in minutes without worrying about the physical configuration of hardware. Meeting the self-service demands of the market, vCloud Director provides Evolve IP customers with ultimate control and scalability over their virtual servers through an easy-to-learn and user-friendly interface.