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Traditional Multi-Channel Contact Center is Dead

March 31, 2015 / Rich Fox

Traditionally, while a multi-channel solution provides you with the contact center communication solutions you desire, it is a disparate system from your main repository of customer information: your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or business application where customers and their associated transactions are tracked. But when you marry up these two separate technologies, you gain the ability to gather information about your customers.


You are already using an industry-leading CRM as well as a world-class call center solution. Why should you sacrifice either quality solution in order to implement a new multi-channel contact center that does more things, but doesn’t do any of them particularly well?

Today, a new kind of multi-channel solution integrates your contact center with your CRM, providing new advantages for your business. With this new business focused type of multi-channel solution, you can integrate your CRM with your call center solution, to get a holistic view into your customer relationships. When you embed your call center inside your CRM, you gain new visibility into the customer’s habits, behaviors, and interactions. This is weaved directly into the foundational metrics of their relationship (transactions, products, revenue, demographics, etc.) to gain new insights into your business. It’s the difference between “Cost, Agent and Queue Metrics” and actionable “Business Insights”.

A business focused multi-channel solution improves your contact center operations by integrating leading CRMs with call center solution such as the world-class Evolve IP hosted call center, providing a holistic view into your customer relationships. This give you a comprehensive, best-of-breed solution that provides better visibility into the customer by combining contact center information – calls, emails, and tickets – with customer information – customer status, products, and financials. You keep the quality solutions your company relies on and gain new, actionable insights into your business.

With a business focused multi-channel solution, the mindset changes from just “how can we keep the call center technology as low-cost and efficient as possible” to “how can we leverage our call center to make intelligent, data-driven decisions?”


Both CRM and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) have become ubiquitous. Businesses of all sizes are leveraging CRM-type solutions. CTI has been valued for decades, but achieving it was difficult and only available at the high-end, requiring specialty equipment. Now, CTI comes out of the box and is natively available to the applications you use. Now, these two technologies are widely available at all levels, no longer only for the high-end enterprise that had the financial and technical resources to pull it off.

Historically, linking your business application to your phone system required additional hardware, software, and licenses that were cost prohibitive to implement, difficult to support/maintain, and provided only rudimentary capabilities. Now the telephony information you need is readily available right to the agent desktop. A call comes in and the screen pop launches, seamlessly and “out of the box”.


With this new, CRM-integrated type of multi-channel solution, you gain new insights into your customer experience that enable you to make data-driven business decisions.

For example, you can now see not only which customers contacted your Sales organization, you can also see which of those customers convert to qualified leads, and then to opportunities, and so on – capturing the entire customer experience in one holistic view. This new visibility will help drive decisions around product selection, marketing promotions, and the metrics that drive the bottom-line. Perhaps there are new products that can close the gap of qualified customers or you can identify new touchpoints to drive a higher percentage of qualified leads that become actual customers.

You can look at your data to see how many of your inbound interactions are linked to certain products, states, or distribution channel. For example, breaking down those volumes by product type would provide you with additional insights that could improve your product or make better business decisions or more accurately determine your true costs for each product.

The wealth of business insights now available to your organization will change your business plans and decisions. You now have the visibility to truly understand the customer experience for their entire life cycle including the ability to see your organizations drivers (cost, revenue, transactions, etc.) in the context of customer interactions. What insights are waiting for you to unlock them?

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