Why Evolve IP for IaaS?

We get it, your web apps and content require elasticity but your internal workloads require stability and privacy. You’re also likely thinking long-term about a cloud strategy; not solving for point solutions as needs arrive. Bottom line, your business is unique … complex … not cookie cutter.

That’s why organizations like yours turn to Evolve IP for infrastructure that fully leverages our state-of-the-art virtual private cloud; a cloud that integrates with hybrid configurations, interoperates with public cloud and seamlessly ties ‘as-a-service’ solutions like DRaaS, DaaS, UCaaS, CCaaS and more together.

The Evolve IP Difference

VMware Enterprise Provider

Evolve IP has achieved the highest levels of certification within VMware, the global leader for virtualization with an estimated 75% market share. Our expertise and experience migrating thousands of businesses to the cloud ensures you can easily move existing workloads to Evolve IP the way they exist today without retrofitting.

Amazon Connect Member

As an Amazon Connect member, we provide clients with even greater flexibility if public cloud becomes required. This means that with Evolve IP, private workloads and public applications can co-exist and live in the clouds where they belong. Evolve IP’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivers just the technology you need, the way you want to consume it.

Clear “non-usage” based pricing

Unfortunately, there are still many companies providing private and virtual private cloud infrastructure that bill at the usage level, making pricing difficult to predict.

You’ll also avoid the billing shocks that come from unknown public hyperscale solutions; ensuring consistent finances for your business.

Evolve IP’s IaaS Service Highlights

Virtual Private Cloud

Enjoy the built-in high-availability and scalability of public clouds with the control and privacy of a private cloud. True isolation is provided via a suite of best-of-breed security solutions, technologies and procedures.

High-performance Infrastructure

Blue-chip infrastructure including EMC, HPE/Nimble, Dell, Cisco and more provide the throughput, processing speed and disk performance for your heaviest workloads.

Guaranteed Resource Reservation

Your resources are yours and yours alone; not oversubscribed as in public offerings. All Evolve IP IaaS clients receive secure multi-tenancy with isolation. Dedicated infrastructure resources are also available.

Secure and Flexible Connectivity Options

Over the last decade Evolve IP has built one of the world’s most robust data and voice networks leveraging multiple Tier 1 carriers across the globe with additional options for VPN, SD-WAN and private connectivity. The result is a resilient, fully-meshed redundant network that provides true peace of mind.

VMware VCloud-powered

Move your existing physical and /or virtual environment to Evolve IP without retrofitting servers and learning new skills.


Five nines (99.999%) SLA available.

Full Administrative Control

Clients have total control of their virtual environment leveraging state of the art management portals. Additionally, if needed, they can outsource to Evolve IP or 3rd party.

Multiple Operation System Options

Unlike other vendors Evolve IP can host a variety of OS providing additional levels of tech support and expertise.

Hybrid Cloud

Evolve IP is a member of Amazon Connect and can connect privately to your hyper-scale applications in the public cloud.

Leverage existing staff, skills and experience

According to the “Yankee Group – Top 5 Motivators for Using IaaS” Hiring and training runs counter to a top cloud desire of IT to ‘decrease costs’. With Evolve IP there is no need to focus on unnecessary training for tools your team has never used or hiring new talent for public deployments.