32 percent of network downtime is caused by link failure.

When there is downtime at your location, services in the Evolve IP cloud remain available at your other offices, over mobile networks, or from home.
In order to limit disruption in your office due to expected network downtime, Evolved Network Continuity automatically migrates services to available backup connectivity.
We proactively monitor your Evolved Network Access AND third party access (Broadband, alternative carrier services) to determine the best way to ensure services are available to your users. If a significant degradation or outage is detected, services will automatically migrate to alternative access. When service or quality is restored, our team will migrate services back to the primary connection when it is most convenient for your staff.

Continuity services are available for Voice services on the Evolved Office HPBX and for any Data service such as Evolved Office Desktop, vServer or managed WAN.

Why proactively consider Network Continuity?


  • Simplicity: Keep your network up without complicated plans or processes.
  • Economics: Eliminate extra equipment designed to support your DR plan.
  • Productivity: Automated continuity keeps employees working when downtime occurs.
  • Stability: Planning for downtime eliminates the risk of it
  • Control: Alerts provide vision without loss of control.