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Innovative Engineering Firm Uncovers New Approach to Environmentally Forward ‘Living Building Challenge’ High-Rise Design with the Cloud – Part 2

June 30, 2015 / Evolve IP

Part 2: How the cloud made it easy for Glumac to meet the rigorous building standards and what this means for their future.

In last week’s blog, we introduced you to how engineering firm Glumac leverages green technology with cloud voice and network services to aid their sustainability initiative. This week, we will explain how the cloud made it easy for Glumac to meet rigorous building standards.

Evolve IP manages Glumac’s data network, provides centralized network security services and delivers their hosted IP phone system in the cloud for energy efficient, reliable services across all ten Glumac locations nationwide. In the LA office location, Evolve IP’s network and security management services have proven crucial to ensuring the various energy-control systems are running properly in support of Glumac’s drive for LBC certification. For example, sensors used to check lighting levels for energy efficiency are managed through the Evolve network.

“We are designing the LA office with many innovative building features, including unique lighting and climate controls that reduce energy consumption. Evolve IP provides business-critical services so that we can manage all of these systems more efficiently,” said Robert Maheu, Glumac’s Corporate IT Manager. “Evolve IP provides us with secure, easy, remote access to the system from anywhere so we can continuously adjust lighting and temperature for the greatest environmental sustainability. Evolve IP’s expert network management ensures that these systems talk to each other reliably and report back to HQ the vital data we need to optimize energy use in the new space. To achieve LBC certification, we need to create as much energy as we are using – capturing heat from the electrical room, for example, to turn into energy for lighting.”

Before switching to Evolve IP services, Glumac had been using a patchwork of aging PBX phone systems – predominately on-premise. Disruptive voice system failures eventually drove Glumac to seek alternatives and evaluate options with their sustainability mission as a key criterion. The company knew that the cloud was a more energy efficient technology. An in-depth study conducted by Accenture and Microsoft, determined that the average 100-person company can reduce energy consumption and emissions by more than 90 percent by deploying all business applications in the cloud.[1]

“Evolve’s award-winning cloud technology was key, but we were also impressed with their unified solution which integrates network management and voice and simplifies vendor and system management,” explained Maheu. “In addition, because the solution is hosted and delivered via the cloud, system changes such as adding users are easy – and handled outside of Glumac. Evolve responds immediately and we don’t have to worry about making changes to each individual voice system – the change is made across all of our locations at once.”

Evolve IP has also freed Glumac from vendor dependency, freeing the company to make changes or provision new users with Evolve IP’s exclusive OSSmosis cloud management portal. In addition to simplifying maintenance, Glumac is saving money with no long-distance charges and has increased data and voice reliability. “We’ve lowered both our monthly voice and data costs,” said Maheu. “And, we’re saving resources by no longer having to manage these systems ourselves.”

Evolve IP provides every Glumac office with guaranteed reliability, and geographically disperse and redundant, active-active configurations for business continuity in the event of a failure or outage. “Evolve has already saved us a few times – most recently in our San Jose office where we had a weather-related power outage. Evolve embedded failover services ensure that any issue with my network can reliably fail over to a back-up wireless network. This is really important to our business,” said Maheu.

Today, Evolve IP supports Glumac with the following:

  • Hosted IP phone systems and unified communications with world-class voice quality
  • Always-available hosted call centers that provide real-time business intelligence, convenient dashboards for management, and the operational flexibility to scale as needed in minutes
  • Optimization, monitoring and management of existing network assets
  • Centralized security services and remote access

Along with increased reliability and a more streamlined IT landscape across voice and data, Glumac has also been enjoying many smart features included with the Evolve IP phone system such as the integrated corporate directory that allows employees to find and call anyone in the organization at the touch of a button and toolbar feature that allow employees to see who is calling on their laptops or other devices. Most importantly, says Maheu, Glumac is impressed with Evolve IP’s highly responsive service. “I used to leave voicemails and emails for our previous provider and it would take weeks for them to respond. With Evolve IP, I make one call or send one email and it’s taken care of quickly.”

[1] “Study of Cloud’s Impact on Environment,” commissioned by Accenture, Microsoft and WSP Environment and Energy, November 2010. For more,


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