Fax Anywhere. Anytime.

Evolve IP’s electronic faxing solution provides you the ability to send and receive fax directly from your email and desktop to anywhere in the world in the format (.pdf,.doc, .jpeg, etc.) of your choice. With Cloud Fax, you can free yourself from the costs of expensive toners, wasted papers and unreliable hardware.


Here are a few features that describe Evolve IP’s Cloud Fax solution:

  • Inbound and Outbound: Leverage multiple devices and platforms for inbound & outbound electronic faxing
  • Send and Receive faxes as email: Ability to send and receive messages electronically from your email and/or desktop
  • Format of your choice: Flexibility to send a fax in the format of your choice (.pdf, .doc, etc.) to electronic fax mailboxes and/or physical fax machines
  • International faxing permitted
  • Secure faxing: All outbound faxes are encrypted* to keep your information secure
  • Fax DID: Ability to use Fax DID and link it to an individual or a group mailbox
  • Concurrent faxing: Send concurrent faxes with no added delay
  • Toll-Free faxing  supported


Here are a few ways you can benefit from Evolve IP’s Cloud Fax solution:

  • Save time and receive your messages directly on your email
  • Eliminate the hassle of waiting for messages sitting on a traditional fax machine waiting to be recovered
  • Get your own electronic fax number and eliminate the chaos caused by receiving everyone’s faxes on a single machine
  • Save on expensive toners, wasted paper and unreliable fax machines
  • Send and receive several faxes simultaneously per day
  • Eliminate the need to modify attachment formats
  • Easy access to faxes received on your online account vs. getting lost in heaps of other physical faxes
  • Fax anywhere anytime in a secure and an efficient manner

Some Interesting Facts

According to research:

  • Traditional fax machines consume around 200 billion pages of paper in the United States alone. Switching just 5% of these fax machines would save 10 million pages of paper.
  • On an average, workers spent around 15 seconds to walk to the fax machine, and 8 seconds to recover their message.

With Cloud Fax you can save time, costs and the environment.