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Thirty Four Percent of Organizations Experience Incidents Requiring Disaster Recovery; Evolve IP Survey of 2,000+ IT Professionals And Executives Concludes

January 13, 2015 / Evolve IP

Compliance Regulations and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Improve Confidence and Results; Educational Institutions Report Greatest Issues and Risk

January 13, 2015––More than three in 10 IT professionals report their organization has suffered a major incident that has required them to implement disaster recovery procedures, according to a technology survey conducted by Evolve IP.The report also shows that of those experiencing a major incident, 11 percent experienced permanent IT losses. Additionally, educational institutions lag behind commercial businesses with just 25 percent noting that they feel very prepared to handle a major IT disaster. Download the 2015 Evolve IP Disaster Recovery survey for a complete review of the full findings of this study.

Disasters Happen

Key results of the survey show that the leading causes of incidents are hardware outages, noted by 47 percent of respondents. Thirty four percent of those surveyed sited environmental disasters, 27.5 percent indicated power outages and nearly two in 10 indicated human error. Of those that have experienced a major incident, 44 percent have experienced multiple disasters in the past five years with 17 percent experiencing three or more disasters.

Perhaps surprisingly, a significant number of organizations continue to use legacy methods for disaster recovery. Forty five percent of those surveyed continue to use backup tapes and 41.5 percent use additional servers at their primary site as a principal method for disaster recovery. These methods are less than ideal due to concerns over human error and environmental disasters.

Meanwhile, organizations that have compliance requirements and are using a DRaaS service ultimately feel the most confident to handle a disaster with 66 percent noting they feel “very prepared” to handle a major incident as compared to just 31.5 percent of those that do not. DRaaS is a scalable, provisionable, cloud-based service that remotely replicates an organization’s servers while letting them set specific recovery point and recovery time objectives.

“For many organizations the question isn’t ‘if” they will suffer a disaster, it’s ‘when,’” says Tim Allen, Chief Sales Officer of Evolve IP. “As we saw in the survey, when disaster hits, it hits hard typically taking over a day to recover and causing financial as well as data losses. We were excited to see that deploying disaster recovery as a service, which is easier to deploy and typically costs less, improves disaster recovery results when compared to the inefficient methods used by most organizations.”

Additional Findings: Are Organizations Prepared?  

  • Less than half of those surveyed (45.5 percent) believe they are very prepared to recover their IT assets in the event of a disaster.
  • Respondents in organizations with compliance requirements are more confident with their disaster recovery systems with 54 percent feeling very prepared.
  • Forty six percent of government organizations indicated that their secondary data center was less than 25 miles from their main site.
  • Thirteen percent of respondents reported that they rely on the public cloud for their disaster recovery implementation
  • Of those that experienced a major incident, more than half have lost data with 12 percent losing more than a day’s worth of data.
  • Four in 10 respondents feel that their disaster recovery budget is underfunded.

Additional Findings: Education Organizations Face DR Challenges

  • Just 62 percent of educational institutions have a disaster recovery plan compared to the 74 percent average.
  • IT professionals at educational institutions are the least confident in their ability to recover from a disaster with just 25.5 percent feeling very prepared.
  • Twenty eight  percent of education institutions experienced permanent losses from a disaster compared to an average of just 11 percent of other groups
  • Nearly 6 in 10 educational respondents feel that their disaster recovery program is underfunded.
  • It took 62.5 percent of educational institutions more than a day to recover from their worst DR event – 10 points higher than the norm.

Survey Methodology

Evolve IP conducted a blind, web-based survey during December, 2014 with 2084 IT professionals and executives. 53.5 percent were from organizations with between 100 – 2,000 employees; 25 percent were from organizations with between 11 – 99 employees; 17 percent came from organizations with more than 2,000 employees and 5 percent were from organizations with between 1 – 10 employees.


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